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Imported material thermoplastic rubber①

Imported BASFantiagingmaserutch, original pure thermoplastic synthetic rubber, unique dry wet anti slip mechanism
Imported BASF anti-aging masterbatch, original pure thermoplastic 3
Produced using pure granulated thermoplastic synthetic rubber, it has the texture, elasticity, and wear resistance of rubber tires, and has dry and wet anti slip characteristics.
Product brand Qiaou-1
Product specification 250 * 250 * 12.8mm
Packaging quantity 60 pieces
Product weight 170 grams ±5 grams
Applicable venues basketball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, and other leisure venues

Unique back support structure

Can make the floor have the stability and

Quick drainage performance, while also possessing the dry and wet state of rubber flooring

Anti slip characteristics, the anti slip effect is still good in case of sweat and rain.

Durable and resistant to fading

UV absorbers, antioxidants, and light stabilizers are added to every floor, making it durable and not easily fading.

Strong coloring power, rich colors, and high color fastness


Good elasticity without cracking

The floor has moderate softness, good elasticity, and easy folding,

The product does not turn white or break, and there are no obvious white marks when scratched by hand.


Snap design

The excellent weather resistance, expansion coefficient and unique buckle design of the raw materials of the product can make thousands of square meters and tens of thousands of square meters be spliced together in a large field, which can effectively prevent the bulge phenomenon caused by thermal expansion.


Super flat shell with strong ground adhesion performance

The floor is super flat and has good adhesion to the ground, without any overhang

Do not collapse. The product has a three-year color warranty and a five-year warranty.